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LED Ping Pong


Cutting edge table is filled with ping pong balls and moving lights.

Urban Hoops


Take your game to the street. 4 players compete for ultimate basketball Street cred! Included custom graphics on backboard and front panel with guest of honors name/logo and color scheme

Sports Arcade


The classics never die! Add our 4 game sports arcade to your event for hours of non stop action!

$400 per game

4 games – $1200

Prices include attendant.

Quad Hockey


 Air hockey against 1 opponent is fun…can you imagine how intense and fun it is when you’re defending your goal from 3 opponents!  This is non-stop fun that will keep every person at your event on their toes! 

Hoops Madness

$1200 - $2000

Our version of the ncaa’s march madness. Up to 64 contestants compete in a bracketed tournament narrowing down to the final four and ultimately…the hoops madness champion!!!

4 hoops – $1200

8 hoops – $2000

Dimensions: 8”l x 8”w x8.9”h

Power Pong


Play as a single or as a pair!  Each player attempts to toss ping-pong balls into one of the plastic cups at the opposite end of the table.  If you make it in one of the cups, that cup will drop into the table.  The player that drops all of his or her opponent’s cups wins!  A party favorite!

Requires 8×10 area and power

Bounce Ball


Looking for that wow factor item that the kids will love? Look no further than bounce ball! 2 contestants go head-to-head on our dual trampoline enclosure trying to score against their opponent. Comes with electric score board and count-down timer!

Click below to for demo video:

Penalty Shot


Think you’ve got skills? Step up against our live hockey goalie and regulation sized goal and see if you can light the lamp!!!
Cocktail Hour Only – $1200
Entire Event – $1500

Skee Ball


Bring the boardwalk to your event! Everybody loves skee ball!!!

Giant Foosball


A classic game with a new twist! Up to 16 players square off on our 15 foot foosball field! Team have to work together to advance the ball, and remember…you don’t score until you score!!!

Punch Wall & Prizes


Customized Trivia and activities, personalized just for you and your event.

Grand Prix Racers


The excitement of nascar at your event! Racers compete against each other with high speed remote control racers right up until the final lap and then its on to victory lane!!!

Connect Four Basketball


This is a new twist on connect 4! Shoot your colored ball into our connect 4 board and try to get 4 in a row without letting your opponent get 4 of their balls in a row. 

Live Speed Pitch


Ever wonder if you have what it takes to blow a fastball by a batter in a big spot? Step into our speed pitch cage and find out. Contestants see exactly how fast their pitches travel! Make it a competition of added excitement! $2,000 for 4 hours

*inquire about other sport options! 

Pac Man


Old school pac man with a new twist!  Challenge your friends and have the best time doing it! 

Virtual Reality Pods


Enter our virtual reality pods and strap on the headgear then be prepared to be immersed in the digital world! Great selection of games and experiences!

Star Wars Battle Pod


Star Wars Battle Pod transports players to a galaxay far, far away and straight into the heart of battle. Players will be able to take control of some of the most memorable vehicles in the Star Wars universe and pilot them to victory. Featuring a 42″ inch HD monitor which is a great size for smaller locations. Also featuring a 20 degree tilted seat and display which make you feel like you’re ready for takeoff. Linkable cabinets allow up to 2 players to challenge each other while cooperating to complete the missions.

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