MC GIO has been one of Pure Energy’s most requested dancers for the last 6 years.  He has taken his energy and passion for dancing,  and simply added a microphone! Kids of all ages LOVE GIO and Mom’s find him pretty darn cute too!  Crowds can’t help joining in on the non-stop dance party he creates. Gio has a great sense of how to adjust to a child’s personality. He can accommodate a guest of honor that needs the spotlight but can also make a more reserved child feel comfortable.  Gio is charming, sweet, lovable and above all, funny! An all around great entertainer, GIO is a big part of Pure Energy!

MC Gio was an amazing DJ. The whole crew was great and we loved working with Pure Energy. They really did a wonderful job motivating and dancing with everyone. I would highly recommend MC Gio and the crew.

~ Lisa and Danny Subarsky