Lighting & Effects

Dry Ice


Get the "Walking On Clouds" feel with this amazing Dry Ice Special Effect!

Extreme Club Lighting


Our award-winning lighting designers will transform any event space into the most electrifying club this side of Ibiza!

Light Up Staging


Bring your event to another level with our led dance risers. These can be placed anywhere around your room to add to the dimensions and dance area. Turn any banquet hall into a nightclub!

Video Mapping


  As seen on the magic kingdom in Disney world, video mapping is the next level of integrating audiovisual with decor. Through the use of Imax projections, our digital artists can video map any architectural structure to become a living breathing platform for any digital media. Click on the link for a video showing the concept and capability of video mapping. This can be done indoors or outdoors!

LED Pin Spots

$30 per light

You’ve spent alot of money on your centerpieces…make sure everyone can see them with our led pinspots! Our state of the art pinspots are full controllable by laptop and can offer different colors for different tables!

Custom Gobo/Monogram


We can create a custom lighting effect for your event with your name or logo in lights. This is a very popular way to brand your event!

CO2 Blasters


Ignite your event with our cryogenic co2 blasters! As seen in the hottest clubs in vegas, your crowd will go wild with the explosion of ice cold air firing down onto them!

CO2 Backpack


Use as part of you entrance for something extra special! 

Confetti Blowers


Make your child’s party one to remember and an entrance unlike any other with our incredible confetti blowers!

Ambient Uplighting


Our color kenetic leds will transform any venue into the hottest lounge in nyc! Change colors with the push of a button to give your guests a new experience in the blink of an eye!

Plasma VJ Package

$1500/ 2 screens

Adding 2, 4 or 6 our flat panel displays will ad a whole new element to your event. In addition to showing your montage, our package includes digital zap shots from the event, and mixed music videos adding more vibe to your dance floor.



This is sure to light up your night!! Indoor safe fireworks will be shot up and will certainly blow your guests away! 

HD Videography


Using high definition dslr cameras, our custom videography will accurately capture the vibe of your event for you to relive over and over again. Final product available on dvd, Blu-ray and/or digital copy! This is thee highest end videography on the market!

LED Dance Floor


Wow factor to the tenth degree!!! Our led dance floor can be custom controlled with colors patterns and strobe effects! This is the hottest dance floor you will ever bogey on!!!

21’x21′ and 27’x27′ available

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