high tech

Golf Simulator


Professional Virtual Golf Course. Swing the club, hit the ball and follow the path of the ball on the 10 foot screen. Measures distance and accuracy.

Charging Station


Power up your devices! 

*custom branding of station available for additional $200

Silent Dance Party


This is hilarious!!! Don’t want Grandma and Grandpa complaining about the loud music? Problem solved! Guests are given headphones with wireless transmitters, so the room is silent while the guests hear and feel every beat of the music! Its like watching So You Think You Can Dance with the mute button on!

Name that beat


Hear a mashup of some popular songs and try to name all the songs in the clip!

Digital Grafitti Wall


This is THE COOLEST ITEM you will see at an event this year! A fully interactive photo novelty station where guests will have thier pictures superimposed into a variety of digital backgrounds projected on our 10 foot digital graffiti wall. Then the fun begins!!! Up to three guests at a time take a digital spray paint can and customize their pictures in any way they like. A HUGE hit for all ages. after 90 seconds…the artwork is complete and each guest receives a 4×6 print out!!!

Virtual Roller Coaster


Immerse yourself in this virtual motion thrill ride just like riding a real roller coaster! What's this item about? What makes it interesting? Write a catchy description to grab your audience's attention...

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