LED Cotton Candy


LED Cotton Candy (up to 100 servings)

What do you get when you combine everyone’s favorite candy treat and LED technology???? The COOLEST candy treat you’ve ever seen!!!

Authentic Ice Cream Truck

Starting at $1200

Satisfy everyone's sweet tooth with this AWESOME Authentic Ice Cream Truck!

Waffle Sticks


Waffle Stix (up to 200 serrvings)
After a night of eating, drinking and dancing, what’s better than a fresh hot waffle on a stick to take on the drive home? Guests choose their topping including, Chocolate, Strawberry and Caramel and optional whipped cream…YUMMY!!!

Candy Shop


Just like in the movies, we come with a giant Lucite display filled with a lavish assortment of the most popular and favorite candies (all kosher if desired). Great for cocktail hour or the last hour of any event. Complete with personalized bags.

Grilled Cheese Truck

$2250 (150 guests)

Everybody loves grilled cheese, and our gourmet grilled cheese truck is sure to delight the taste buds of all of your guests. Choose from a variety of cheeses and fillings on our wide sliced bread and grilled to perfection!

Chocolate Bar Shop


Made right at the event!! Pour chocolate into the mold and add all of your favorite toppings. Rice Krispy’s, M&M’s, sprinkles and more. Complete with customized box. As much fun to make as it is to eat!!! Also available with custom wrappers

Popcorn Stand


Now you will bring a bit of the Boardwalk and old world charm to your Event. Your Guest will have their choice of 3 styles of Pop Corn from Carmel, Peanuts & Carmel lastly Almonds & Carmel

Coffee Food Truck


You might have seen them in NYC. Unique and different, serving up fresh coffee and donuts! A sweet treat at the end of incredible evening!

Zeppoli-Funnel Cake Stand


Nothing says a good time like walking the boardwalk enjoying a fresh hot funnel cake or zeppoli! Freshly fried and covered in powder sugar…you’ll definitely need your napkins!

Candy Sushi


Your guests can create their own sushi !!! Choose from 20 Different Styles of Candy Gummies Marshmallows Wraps and more. Choose the different ingredients and let your imagination run wild . Finished Candy Sushi is placed in Colorful Chinese Food Containers to be taken home and enjoyed after the party

Pizza Truck

$2500 (200 guests)

After a night of drinking and dancing, whats better then piping hot, fresh from the brick oven pizza to satisfy that craving?

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