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Video Wall Set Ups

LED Wall'd DJ booth

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LED Bannered DJ Booth


LED Video Wall

Custom Pricing

  Plasma screens not big enough for you? Our 6’x9′ led wall will not only make your visuals large than life, the high output leds will actually act as a light show for your event. This is the latest in video displays and the exact same technology used in jumbo trons in sports venues all over the world!

Custom Lucite Staging


Custom Lucite dance platforms add that extra wow to your setup! Boxes can be filled with items to fit your theme! 

Projection Screens


Our 10 foot rear projection or front projection screens are ideal for large venues where size matters. Our high lumens projectors will show your montage with crystal clarity. Have it for the whole party, or just have it brought out for the montage.

Plasma VJ Package

$1500/ 2 screens

Adding 2, 4 or 6 our flat panel displays will ad a whole new element to your event. In addition to showing your montage, our package includes digital zap shots from the event, and mixed music videos adding more vibe to your dance floor.

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